Working in the Service Industry & Customer Service

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Working in the Service Industry

Why will customers choose


  1. There are six casinos planned for Maryland alone whose product offerings will be similar or the same
  2. There are new casinos opening in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania over the next three years

The Differentiators

Customer Service

Hospitality Spirit Is

  1. Provide superior customer service.
  2. Profitability is a direct results of your personality. The goal is to be extremely courteous while remaining unquestionably professional.
  3. Performance measurement/rewards are tied directly to customer satisfaction
  4. Although your experience, work history, and skills are vitally important, your attitude, and skills are virtually important, your attitude and demeanor may be the factors that determine whether or not you will successful in this industry.
  5. It is a lively atmosphere filled with fun-loving crowds.
  6. Have to be able to handle diverse customers with a wide range of personalities.

Working in a Casino Environment

  1. Gaming facilities are strictly regulated environments, and team members are required to adhere carefully to an array of procedures and policies.
  2. You are expected to be hospitable everyday including holidays…Yes, we work on all holidays!
  3. Work weekends
  4. Shift Work – Graves, Day or Swing
  5. Regular breaks
  6. Meals
  7. Opportunity for advancement after 6 months
  8. Smoke
  1. Jobs
  2. Gaming is a fast growing industry on the East Coast
  3. Current job opportunities
  4. Earnings $4.50hr + tips
  5. Fun and exciting fast-paced environment
  6. Do you have that hospitality spirit?
  7. Are you personally up to the challenge of consistently providing a high degree of hospitality, service and attention to detail?
  8. Get started now at AACC’s dealer school

5 ways to Register

Mail registrant form

Fax registrant form – 410-777-4325

Email registrant form

– iscenter@aacc.edu

Submit registration form in person

Touch-tone phone

– 410-777-2241


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