Wait a minute, is that Greg Raymer?

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Who could predict? After nearly three weeks without a post of value it would be about this. Wait a minute are exactly the right words to describe the Greg Raymer scandal unfolding. I received a phone call Tuesday morning which began with a few pleasant exchanges before this question was asked.


Caller: Hey, did you hear about your boy Greg Raymer?

Me: I replied, No. What’s up?
Caller: You don’t know about Greg Raymer getting caught in a prostitution scandal.

Me: I haven’t heard anything about that.


In a way I’m kinda glad I did not hear about this until a few days later simply because of the rumors flying about his alleged shady activities. It is a bit refreshing to read countless articles starting just a few days ago up till now detailing his arrest.

Why so refreshed? Rumors are circulating about the account of Greg Raymer arrest including everything from prostitution ring involving males to female’s prostitutes.

I refuse to go any further in reference to his case and the he said she, said stuff taking a foot hold on it all.

My concern remains the impact on the poker community as a whole.

Moving forward let me give you an example of the impact Greg downfall has on the legitimization of poker on & offline. Before I ever sat down and met Greg he remained at the forefront of promoting poker from a lobbyist standpoint. Before I knew much of anything about poker he can be seen on major television networks like Fox News and CNN commenting on the status of poker in America today.



Greg Raymer talks Full Tilt Poker ponzi scheme – YouTube



With the circumstances surrounding Greg Raymer arrest story; I have no choice but to remain selective when it comes to anything involving Greg Raymer at this stage. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to sit down and talk with Greg for almost an hour and half. Possibly in the future we will meet under a different set of circumstances because the poker world is really just a small community of people that truly love (like) to play the game.


Greg Raymer ‘The Casual Sit Down” Interview




The bigger questions remains as this scandal continue to unravel for Greg Raymer and those affiliated with the name.

How does Greg Raymer recent arrest affect his appearance at Delaware 2013 Park Poker Classics, featured guest “Greg Raymer?”

How does Greg Raymer personal troubles impact his ability to lobby for poker on & offline in America?

What does all this mean for a maythebesthandwin.com which had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Greg about 1-2 years ago?

What does Greg Raymer incident do for the poker community in terms of retaining its household status which he is given constant credit for the boost?



Greg Raymer Arrested In Prostitution Sting – PokerTube

Greg Raymer Arrested In Prostitution Sting – PokerTube


Greg Raymer arrested in prostitution sting – Full Report – PokerTube

Greg Raymer arrested in prostitution sting – Full Report – PokerTube



greg raymer arrested – Bing

greg raymer arrested – Bing

Poker Champ Greg Raymer Was Busted For Prostitutes In North Carolina


Poker Champ Arrested
In Female Prostitution Sting [UPDATE]

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/03/15/world-series-of-poker-champion-gregory-paul-raymer-arrested-male-prostitution-sting/#ixzz2O5R7BZcG
Visit the TMZ Store: http://tmzstore.com



Greg  Raymer Profile:

Greg Raymer (FossilMan) on Twitter

Greg Raymer (FossilMan) on Twitter

The FossilMan Fan Page

The FossilMan Fan Page

Greg Raymer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Greg Raymer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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