Trip to Delaware Park Winter Poker Classics Event #15

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Delaware Park Winter Poker Classic Event#15

Thursday, January 09, 2014 starting at 11am


Trip to Delaware Park Winter Poker Classics Event #15
Delaware Park
777 Delaware Park Blvd.
Wilmington, DE  US
(302) 355-1050
Thu, Jan 9th
at 11:00 AM
1 day event
Event 15: No Limit Hold’em – $50 Bounty ($10,000 Guaranteed)
Rebuy/Re-Entry Event
$175  N/A


My trip to the Delaware Park Poker Classics in some respects is seasonal and at the same time seems regular. I know it sounds strange but there is plenty of decent material, feedback, and exploring we have done at this “high quality, low maintenance” Casino. In many ways I see this tournament and casino as the base from which the brainchild maythebesthandwin.com has operated.

In order to know exactly what I’m talking about just find our search bar in the upper right hand corner under the featured slideshow. Search either Delaware Park or the Delaware Park Poker Classics there you will eagerly find a host of articles, interviews, and reviews in this one establishment. Another part that always makes this place so special is the exceptional staff I come across every year the past few years.

It is know secret this is not Vegas but it sure gives off that your welcome and please come again feeling. The thing that makes this place so special is there attention to every poker tournament detail which includes listening and engaging with players.

Anonymous Player: “I think that Delaware Park has the best tournament on the East Coast.”
Anonymous Player: “I think Delaware Park has the best structures on the East Coast.”

Trip to Delaware Park Winter Poker Classics Event #15

Now that I can move away from the touchy feeling aspects found every time I visit Delaware Park Casinos. I want to move into the Trip to Delaware Park Winter Poker Classics Event #15. Anyone traveling up the I-95 starting about Baltimore was probably  surprised to find the roads and traffics between 10:00am – 12:00pm to be fairly clear. The pain of this travel kicks in when you have reach the Perryville, MD cash toll which cost motorist a whopping $8. Be reminded if you decide to travel  I-95 through Baltimore you will encounter several tolls costing anywhere between $4-$8 before reaching Delaware.

Without wasting too much time and energy once I hit Delaware using exit 4ab following the Delaware Park sign and taking the left side onto main road. I then travel about a mile before making another left into the back end of the casino and follow the road passing a beautiful body of water, golf course, and farm like pastures. There you find the establishment hosting the Delaware Park Winter Park Poker Classics 2014 Event #15.

Once there I took the veterinary and horse stable side which is optional went up a few escalators made a u-turn shaped move into the first of two poker room side which holds many of their poker tournaments and host cash games. I met with Kevin Castora who I consider to-date to be the best poker room director/manager yet in my traveling experience. With the only matter of concern being whether I will be opting to take photos (opted-out) he graciously gave me an option of sitting anywhere most comfortable to my mission. Once settled I wasted no time linking my trip to our social media pages.










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