The ABC’s of Online Poker Affiliates Commissoin Models

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November 15, 2012

As of late, I have become interested in the ‘perfect’ profit model for this website. The reason I used the word ‘perfect’ is to highlight the need to pick the most respectable model for our site. In the interest of this topic I have used several sources to explore these topics. I have been introduced to everything from pay per click (ppc) to affiliate marketing. If you are reading this right now your concern is probably not with the most respected profit model to represent this site but strictly about online poker affiliate programs.

I created this article not as an expert so please bare with me if my interpretations are a slightly off. Feel free to correct any inaccuracies.

Commission Models:

CPA Business Model – affiliate receive a flat sum upfront for sending a paying customer over through their advertisement to the casino of choice.

Revenue Sharing Model – casino commission based on the loss percentage of players sent over by the affiliate. This commission system creates a profit for the affiliate based on percentage of player losses.

Here is a list of the Casino/Poker affiliate programs payment options:

CPA (cost per acquisition)
CPL (cost per lead)
CPS (cost per sale)
CPC (cost per click)
slotting (selling ad slots like a network commercial)
revenue share

Before I go into my own thoughts and questions; I feel it was completely necessary to show (above) the payment options that come with these affiliate program world.

Found right (below) this blog post is a few sources that assisted me in understanding if it is still possible to make a profit. I began with the first article to understand the basis of affiliate marketing using the casino affiliate models. It doesn’t take much genius to see the definition and paraphrase (above) were paraphrased using sourced articles. My reason for this is after reading the article once and then multiple times over it became simpler to understand. An example is the interpretation of online casino commission models and which is most appropriate for you. Poker website/blog owners should pay full attention to the part about the most success online casino brands as listed in the article. These online casino brands exceed profit potential and estimated to make over five figures ($10, 000 or more) monthly.

With a core understanding of these commission models the next reasonable decision include. How do these commission models benefit me? How do these commission benefit and affect my affiliate company? You must do the research about the commission models available to you and your company. The majority of this article covers the casino/poker commission models. How about payout options?

Now, I will keep it brief and very selective:

check/wire transfer
player account credit

Credit/Debit Card


Casino Affiliate Programs Profit Potential

Casino Affiliate Programs Profit Potential.

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Poker Affiliate Partners Blog | Affiliate Programs.

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Casino Affiliate Programs – Find the Highest Paying Casino Sites Online.

Affiliate Payment Options

Affiliate Payment Options

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