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Scouring the internet for poker bloggers I typed the keyword poker blog directories into the major search engines. There I came across a few pages containing a list of poker blog directories directly and indirectly related to my search.

One of the first noticeable parts about the list include the lack of social poker blogs. When I delve into the few that did correspond to the original search poker blogs I came up with very little. Briefly going down the list of things to spot, I picked up on the fact a lot of poker blog were generated around between the 2008-2011 period. I wanna guess this had something to do with the height of the online poker boom which peaked and eventually plummeted on April 15, 2011 Black Friday.

Moving down the list of observation are the massive amount of casino influenced blogs that simply had a capture page or two page set up which is a home and sign up page. In terms of value It took some real digging to find a poker blog that met the daily requirements of blogging and poker elements respectfully.

Below is a previewed list:


Poker Blogs in the Yahoo! Directory

Yahoo poker blogs directory actually contains a decent list of recognizable and not so recognizable poker blogs. It is found among poker/weblog categories giving the user  13 blogs of interest. Previewing only a select few of the thirteen, surprisingly the ones I accessed were blogs and actively blogging. Another positive sign is when you click the links they take you to the intended blog target.



Recently came across the pokersite.org website without wasting too much time went straight to the poker directory page. There you get a sort of homegrown view of the team that make this site productive. If you follow the page closely you will see a message that openly dismiss any poker webmaster or affiliate webmaster posting junk links to there site. This blatant rejection of these activities is a good thing because those spamming activities have reduced the quality of poker blogs in the eyes of major search engines and directories  Even better is the featured portion found on this page highlighting website that provide valuable content to users.


Poker Index

Funneling through the first page of a major search engine it was my pleasure to see another poker blog directory. At least that is what I am suspecting the owner of this site is aiming towards. Upon further review of the poker blog section it seems a bit unfinished. Nevertheless, it provides visitors with access to poker blogs from the stars. I would have to get in contact with the owner of this blog to get a  full explanation of the blogs true purpose.




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