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The Borgata Winter Poker Open 2013 Event #1 allowed for two things to happen either you play day 1a or day 1b. Anyone following this blog the past two (2) weeks know we recently reported our experience at Event #1 day 1 a. If you are a regular that need to be caught up here is the link, http://maythebesthandwin.com/borgota-winter-poker-open-2013-event-1/#.UQLRumeTWc8.


Rewind back to January 15, 2013 when first arrived in Atlantic City geared up for the Borgata Winter Poker Open Event #1 day 1A. I remember vividly entering the Borgata Hotel & Casino walking no more than 7 minutes through the casino floor up the lonely escalators into the Borgata registration room. The room is dimly lit with spare pieces of furniture decorating the room entrance. With enough room to ride a scooter through the hallways maybe even a motorcycle comfortably without hitting a wall. We waited about 10 minutes in line with a few others ahead in line waiting to be registered. Our turn at the registration line it took no more than five (5) minutes to register; I am sure it made a ton of difference to have a players card available and to be within their system.


With direction from the floor security we took an elevator downstairs and entered the large poker room where play was already in session around 12pm. Players were mostly seated and only the sounds of chips chirping filled the room. Occasionally you notice a tournament director whisking across the room to inspect a section of the room. At this stage my job was to cover Vince Edwards play at the table but before I could settle into anything, boom! The finally blow was dealt when AA (Vince Edwards) versus KK (opponent) heads up. Guess who takes it; pocket KK leaving everyone in our camp to think of the possibilities for day 1B.


Hands in our face for about two seconds we marched on playing a group of smaller tournaments to cash in two (2) of the three (3) tournaments in two (2) days of work.


The real story is the two announcements below giving a warning to all fellow players seeking to play in the Borgata day 1b tournament. This is the ‘killer” right here because after a long day of playing outside of the Borgata Winter Poker Open Event #1 day 1A. We expected day 1B to be a second attempt at glory. Not so fast!


We arrived at Harrah’s hotel resort still focused and awaiting the chance to play in day 1B. The first order of business was settling into the beautiful $25 a night room. Wait, we were provided a great room with an excellent view from the 30 something floor, flat screen TV, luxurious bathroom, but no Wi-Fi. When I say no Wi-Fi I am not talking about just a connection but also access which is just as important. Remember if you plan to access Wi-Fi at Harrah’s hotel be prepared pay about $12 for 1 day or 30 something dollars for 3 days. Not delighted with all the technical difficulties experienced the few days before our trip. I decided to wait until tomorrow, big mistake coming and here is why?


Below these are two messages from the Borgata Poker Open blog with a heads-up warning. Basically if you want to play tomorrow register now is the message I got from both post. We agreed no Wi-Fi until tomorrow since it will meet our needs then. Another big mistake was not following our first instinct which was to register early say 8 o’clock as we originally planned and discussed to beat the early rush. Cancelling on ourselves we not only did not get earlier enough to meet the last minute push but decided to just wait another 30-40 min to register.

Guess what?


With a renewed focus in mind arrived at the escalator leading to the Borgata Poker room registration only to meet floor security announcing it was sold out. Around 9:45 am a post came in stating Event #1 sold out for the Borgata Winter Open 2013 which I saw once on the computer but for some reason did not grasp until actually getting there 2-3 hours too late. The messages below put a stamp on the day that could have been…


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Event 1: Attention Day 1B Players…..

$500 + $60 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)


With more than 1,500 entries on Day 1A, it is strongly advised that anyone looking to play Day 1B that they register tonight.

More than 500 players are already signed up for tomorrow and with 1A players busting tonight the number will continue to grow.  The Event Center registration window is staying open until midnight.

1B fields are always crazy big, so to avoid the long lines and the possible alternate list, sign up now and avoid what will be a hectic Wednesday of poker.




Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Event 1 SOLD OUT

Attention all players …
Event 1 is SOLD OUT.

Thank you.






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