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Greetings Everyone,


We have officially began producing our newsletter which will go out every week. Our goal is to  send this newsletter out no more than once or twice in any given week.

Obviously we are thrilled that you are willing taking part in these developments.

So your next thought is probably, what are you planning to send me?

We definitely will cater to those who are supporting our cause through the Aces and Diamonds memberships. Speaking of which we are currently giving away a free gift subscription in one of our may the best hand win pro league games. Each gift will valued at the 30-60 days price of $5 Aces Membership yearly and $3 Diamonds membership yearly.

Both membership will be changing in the next 30-60 days over to a monthly subscription. The primary reason being we plan to increase prizes for our non-members and members free to enter and play giveaways with HogWildPokerLeagues; plus we plan to offer various forms of merchandise and other useful materials to our maythebesthandwin.com members only.

Remember: Please consider our league is based solely on player free participation and no fee, charge, or buy-in is necessary to play. “Remember to register as a may the best hand win pro league member!  Guests do not earn points or win prizes.’


Featured Topics:

May The Best Hand Win Hogwildpokerleagues.com Pro League Poker Room

We feature an image with our hogwildpokerleague digitally design logo on top of our pro league poker room table. Kinda cool right? At least I think so!

How about you? Share your thoughts.


Next week highlight our Thank You created to say just thanks to all those making this possible.



The last but not least we highlight an article created broadcasting the winner of our very first $25 game.


Winner of the May The Best Hand Win HGWP Pro League


So give it a shot we sure did with the production of our very own newsletter.


More TBA:

May The Best Hand Win

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  1. Tillis James says:

    The MTBHW games have been a hit! Many HWP players have joined and are winning the awesome prizes sponsored by MTBHW. Join us on Tuesday and Thursday nights @ 8 ET for these fun games with great players! Good luck at the tables!

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