Greg Raymer ‘The Casual Sit-Down’ Preview

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Friday March 30, 2012


Mid-Afternoon at Delaware Park poker room watching the players play a $120 satellite for a chance to win $1070 ticket into the Delaware Poker Classics Main Event. I just returned from the other  poker room being utilized for other DPC games. Suddenly I look to see without a doubt to be Greg Raymer in the middle of the room speaking with management.


I turn to my right to see a guy snapping photos using his cell phone and pointing with interest. My next observation was the atmosphere, once he entered the room it surprised to find everyone focus on the task at hand. Greg spent the next 10-15 min in the middle of the room taking part in a 5-6 handed game of poker. Unsure of the name of his tournament if I had to guess probably would be his Greg Raymer Invitational.Greg Raymer The Casual Sit Down Preview


Done with the star gazing I immediately got back to covering the room activity and then it happen. Greg stood up, said a few words to the room management, and headed out of the room.Greg Raymer The Casual Sit Down Preview

Instantly a fight or flight mode came over me whether to follow Greg or stay put in my seat. In little less than 30 seconds with Greg headed down the hall I decided to pursue. Soon I caught up with him in the other poker room of Delaware Park chatting with room management.


With respect to his space, I now took my usual seat to cover the events of the day but used my position to hawk Greg movements in a clumsy eyed way. This room turned out a little differently with players acknowledging Greg with greetings of mostly small talk.  I waited there patiently as casual Greg now took every on comer with ease, comfort, and grace without any complaints staying complete steadfast.

I probably waited when you include standing on my feet about 20-25 min for a chance to shake hands with Greg. When the door opened I shook his hand and then said…

Me: Do you have a minute so I can pick your brain

Greg Raymer: Yeah sure

Greg and I sat down in seats used for televised horse racing .



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