Find Poker Blogs using wordpress.com

Posted on: July 31st, 2013 by Akin 6 Comments

This is a not a poker blog review. I repeat! This is not a poker blog review.

I needed to throw the lines in above as a reminder to myself once again, “This is not a poker blog review”. The psychology behind it is to remind myself that I am merely introducing a pathway into finding a poker blog using wordpress. It would not be fair to the selected blogs for me to write a review based on reading from a post or two.

Enough already with the mini reminders; I would like to introduce the few blogs I found within last ten days on wordpress.com.

 Why I Quit Poker?

An Intelligent Person Guide to Poker, Life and Money

I find this to be an interesting so far especially after reading the about page and the author latest post. The author creation of an e-book detailing in it why I quit poker  which promises to be an interesting blog period.

Heart Felt Poker

For those that love the game of poker

Browse through this blog only to realize there are others out there doing best they can to mash both blogging and poker into one solid form. I never heard of the Heartfelt Poker Invitational and would like to know if the author of this blog is the coordinator, director, or creator of this event. Anyone have any information about this event give me a shout.

Raleigh relocated

Find Poker Blogs using wordpress.com

No different than things we struggle with here the blogger gives us a glimpse into the pain stacking evaluation and reevaluation a poker player must do to play this game at a competitive level. Even goes as far in the latest post to mention a few regrets plus things that could be done differently if the blogger had a chance to try it all over again.


Find Poker Blogs using wordpress.com

 Warning: Not really a poker blog!

Type in poker into your topics panel search bar there a page about Tax tips on gambling winnings appears in the search results. I thought folks might find this interesting.


Optimize Human Existence

This is another blog I found using the topics panel search bar. There is a poker reference in the one of the latest post but warning this is not a poker blog. Although if anyone is interested in architecture, sustainability, design, and its integrity and credibility. This is indeed a good place to start. Yes I read a portion of this blog!

 Warning: Not really a poker blog!

If you want to learn more about poker blogs and poker blog directories try these links.

UK Poker Pro Dale Phillip 20 Poker Blogs to Follow in 2013:


Poker Blog Directory Previews:


About WordPress.org & WordPress.com

As a brand we chose to use wordpress as our primary blogging company. WordPress reputation for functional simplicity compared to other platforms, high marks, rave reviews, and the suggestion from current users made this a no brainier for choices. Speaking to those out there who do not already (if you do know great, feel free to skip the next few lines) there are two version. The first version to be mentioned is wordpress.org which is a self-hosted open source platform which is used by millions for anything and everything. The thing to remember is you need a web host provider and the ability to download software script called wordpress. The second version is wordpress.com which free service that allows  to have your own blog up and running within minutes. Be wary of the two version as one is primarily used for business and profitable endeavors and the other is catered toward anyone that simply wants to get the word out about something interesting using a blog.

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6 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    Hey there –

    Nice blog, thanks for mentioning mine. You asked about what I do… I’m an avid player, I’ve been playing since about 2004 regularly (at least 1 time per week). I have coordinated many tournaments as a tournament director for private games and for non-profit organizations to raise funds. A year or so ago, I decided that I felt passionate enough about poker that I thought that I could write about it. My goal was to try to write something once a week, and I’ve fallen short of that. I’m about a once a month poster.

    My following is rather small, as it’s mostly people that I know locally, but I do have some international fans from over in great Britain that frequent my blog site as well.

    Feel free to drop me questions from time to time if you feel the need.


    • admin says:

      Thanks Pat! We definitely are doing our best here to show poker as not just any game but a lifestyle. Even better we are making great efforts to highlight those across the landscape that make this game so great.

      It is wonderful to talk with someone that is providing to poker from a different angle. We most likely be writing you real soon to get to know more about your contributions to the poker world.

      Best of luck and maythebesthandwin,


  2. We recently caught up with the blogger Jeremy author of the Why I Quit Poker? book. Unfortunately we were not able to secure a possible interview with him. Jeremy did leave us a note detailing his reasons. Why not?

    Follow this link to the Amazon page carrying Why I Quit Poker? Link: http://www.amazon.com/Jeremy-Stryker/e/B00B29XVT0/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

    Follow the previous post to read our conversation.

  3. admin says:

    I plan to eventually post the entire interview invite from Jeremy Stryker, Why I Quit Poker? author to maythebesthandwin.com.

    This again is to appease those who do not own a facebook account. Plus I would like to produce an updated version of this article highlighting the steps necessary to get to know, contact, and connect with other poker bloggers.

    Check the post right after this once for excerpt detailing the Jeremy Stryker interview invite.

  4. admin says:


    Greetings Jeremy,

    We recently read through your wordpress blog about gambling and poker. Were interested in learning more about yourself and the meaning behind Why I Quit Poker?

    Why I Quit Poker?:

    Hey Akin,

    Thanks for your interest on “Why I Quit Poker”. I appreciate your mention.

    I also saw your invitation to blog on maythebesthandwin.com. I am afraid I need to say no. Let me explain why…

    Want to read more go to: https://www.facebook.com/WhyIQuitPoker?fref=ts

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