AACC Introduction to the Gaming Industry Class

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Anyone that lives in the DC metropolitan area understands between the hours of 3pm till about 8pm rush hour traffic is a pain. Seem like no matter how many additional lanes are created and new HOV lanes are opened there isn’t anywhere to run from rush hour traffic. Enough about traffic, I only felt the need to mention this because even with a head start out the door. Leaving about 5:15pm to be exact from a location 15-20 min away from Anne Arundel Community College School of Continuing and Professional Studies it still took about an hour to reach the new destination.


Being familiar with the area I anticipated that but did not calculate spending the next half hour searching for the school location. On my end, I seemed prepared enough yet wonder endlessly for 30 minutes searching and doing more searching. About 20 minutes into my one man search party I called the AACC (410) 777 – 2222 telephone line. With stress in my voice the call agent successfully led me to the building which sits opposite the Arundel Mills movie theater and near the maryland live parking garage.

Arundel Mills®

AACC Introduction to the Gaming Industry Class 7000 Arundel Mills Circle, Hanover, MD 21076, USA
0.8 mi – about 4 mins
1. Head east on Arundel Mills Cir

Destination will be on the right
0.8 mi
AACC Introduction to the Gaming Industry Class 7009 Arundel Mills Circle, Hanover, MD 21076, USA

AACC at Arundel Mills

In triumph I found myself driving through a semi packed parking lot with relief coming to mind. Pressing forward; I immediately parked and made my way into the almost corporate stylish looking building.


There with the assistance of the front desk asked for room 003 which is found downstairs via elevator or stairs. After the 2-3 minute trek I opened the first door to see room 001, 002, 003 just down the hallway.


Enter the class a few minutes after 6:30pm (starting time), I had to wait a few min while everything settled in my direction. Attendance and class enrollment were being taken at the same time but I was not on the list. Immediately feeling out of place it was suggested I see the registration office about it on the first floor.


Note: If you enroll in class at Anne Arundel Community College credit/non credit courses a day before class be prepared to receive a confirmation within a few days.


After receiving AACC College Student Schedule/Bill I made back to the gaming industry class in room 003 with 15 minutes in class already started.


The class started with our instructor giving his background and experience in the industry which I really wanted to hear but missed a good portion. Not a problem because the rest of class seem to bring a mixture of our instructor experiences and knowledge which was impressive.


Note: This class and two other related courses are preparatory and do not bring any sort of employment but do result in an industry certification in the end.


With the introduction of classmates finished the lesson plan consisted of planned notes and material which is to be read off a power point presentation. Interestingly enough that never happened due to technical difficulties but it made the class even more fascinating as comments questions, and answer flew left and right about experiences in the industry.


I recall our instructor giving details stories of his time working at casino. Try everything from guys willing staying at the tables so long and eventually peeing in their pants because they were running well at the tables. Better yet try being in Atlantic City in the late 80’s early 90’s surveying the boardwalk with binoculars for troublesome characters well known to disrupting the casinos there environments. Wait another one that had my attention is the blatant verbal and physical disrespect by patrons to dealers based on skin color, age, and gender.


I will leave you with this based on my first day in class the gaming industry is not for the shy at heart.


Note: In order to be a poker dealer especially to the high roller types (whales) you need thick skin!


Friday, June 21, 2013


As seen in the Anne Arundel Community College Noncredit Schedule_SU13 on page 56, find the introduction to the gaming industry class course held on two Tuesdays June 10th & 17th respectively.


With this brief reference point out of the way (above); I now bring you back to the second (2nd) Tuesday or last class in the introduction to the gaming industry class. Class started on time beginning with the subject of who owns certain casinos. We spent the next ten minutes speaking about the Native American land based casinos and how they are derived and what there primary and secondary functions.


If you pay attention to the gaming did you know widget you will learn that Foxwoods Casinos is one of the largest (possibly largest) casinos in the United States. Discussed inside this ten (10) minute span many Native American operated casinos choose bingo (class II game) as the first game of chance.


Keeping track of time we moved into the next ten to fifteen minutes (10 to 15) briefly highlighting the types of games found typically at casinos. Mixed into our discussion were a few games not commonly found in every casinos. Have you ever heard of jai alai which is a French game which is similar to stickball but players are givewayssmashing a 150 mph ball back and forth. Probably about thirty minutes into the class we moved into more detailed discussion about games most people generally recognize. These games table games include blackjack, craps, and Baccarat commonly found games at casinos.


It kinda gets interesting as we moved passed the half hour (30) mark and being to detail each games pro’s and con’s. An example of blackjack pro’s is the easiness that it takes for players to learn the game. Another possible blackjack pro to consider is the table layout which makes playing simpler for players. Craps is a game that comes with a few con’s especially in relation to the table dealer. A table game like craps and roulette requires multiple dealers at one time at the table to prevent player(s) possibly cheating. Please remember each table game varies in size so the larger a table possibly the more dealer are needed to watch players actions.


Spending the next hour (1) including a  fifteen (15) minute break we now discussed the casino organization structure. Fortunately for the class our instructor has literally worked nearly every section of the casino possible. Stories in hand ranged from seeing players cheating in the surveillance room to using binoculars on rooftops to catch prevent cheaters from entering the casino in Atlantic City.  In today’s world casino rely heavily on marketing techniques that involve mailing cardholder promotions, online giveways, and free stay comps.


We took some time toward the end the last thirty (30 min) to breakdown the machinery used inside casinos. The slot machines are prized possessions and usually bring in the bulk of revenue generated at casinos. Anytime they are poorly functioning they are immediately serviced right away and replaced if necessary. Slots also come with programming that keep track of the best and worst performing machines for casino.


This concludes an inside breakdown of anne arundel community college first ever gaming class.

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